EPSON Moverio-BT-100


MoverioBT-100 “The first see-through multimedia glasses for consumers thatoffer an immersive, big-screen entertainment experience, any time, anywhere”
Transparent lenses for see-through viewing
Browse the internet with Wi-Fi connectivity
Embedded operating system for faster application speeds, including Adobe Flash
Large perceived image -equivalent to watching an 80-inch displayfrom five metres away
Easy-to-use micro-tablet control unit, featuring dedicated buttons and touch-sensitive trackpad
Watch MPEG4 videos files
Store content on the included 4GB SDHC memory card
Embedded memory of 1GB
Watch side-by-side 3D content
QHD screen resolution (one quarter of a Full HD display)
Intuitive smart-navigation user menu
Digital user guide enables quick, helpful problem solving whenever needed
Enjoy both audio and visual content with a pair of Dolby Mobile2 stereo sound earphones (included)
Replacement nose pads and adjustable side arms
Fits over reading glasses
Carry case and battery charger
Six hour battery life
Removable lens covers


Key messages:

1)Mobility (Wearable multimedia glasses, transparent / see-through lenses for both mobility and privacy, Wi-Fi connectivity, control unit, carry case)

2)Watch a variety of content (Embedded operating system to browse the internet, watch MPEG4 videos, 1GB internal memory, transfer files from the SD card, view photos, 4GB SD card included, watch side-by-side 3D content)

3)Picture quality (large perceived 80-inch display from five metres away, QHD screen resolution –which is a high resolution both for its weight and for a transparent device)

4)Easy to use (Smart-navigation menu, digital user guide, trackpad, common function buttons, Dolby Mobile2stereo sound, detachable headphones, fits over glasses)


What sets our product apart?

  • Epson is using its expertise in digital imaging to create a new concept in portable entertainment with the first generation of wearable See-Through Mobile Viewers for the consumer market

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