Η νέα έκδοση του Zappiti v.4.27.278 είναι πλέον διαθέσιμη.

Μερικά από τα νέα χαρακτηριστικά που ειναι ενσωματωμένα σε αυτήν:

• Animated backgrounds (Zappiti DV series and Zappiti 4K HDR Series).
• Added cache management window.
• New offline mode with local server support.
• Addition of many new special banners including “Ultimate Cut”, “Unrated Edition”, “4K Ultra HD – Disc 1 and 2”, “Blu-ray Extended Edition”, “DVD Limited Edition”, “Colored Version”, Black & White Version”, “IMAX”, “IMAX 3D”, “THX”, “3D”, “8K”, “HD”, “SD”, “70mm”, “CinemaScope”, ”Cinerama”, “Blu-ray Pure Audio”, “Making-of”, “One Man Show”, “Laserdisc”, “Concert”, ‘Documentary”, etc.
• Optimization of the 2.35:1 mode and variation of themes in 2.35:1 two-line and three-line mode, and optimization of the synopses (plots) and of all the settings and options windows.
• Modification of the black to transparent gradient of the background of the synopsis for more transparency in order to let animated and fixed backgrounds appear more.
• Added 2 Trinnov trailers in DTS:X Pro and Dolby Atmos accessible from a dedicated widget.

• Redesign of the “Edit” panel and optimization of the edit functions using the Zappiti remote control.
• Standardization of theme elements to simplify the development of future graphic themes.

• Fixed an issue that closed the synopsis page when changing viewing status in a synopsis.
• Fixed “remote control help” that does not display correctly on Zappiti players in the Dolby Vision range.
• Fixed an issue where home videos were sometimes being flagged.
• Fixed soundtrack audio volume going back to 1 each time the application is started.
• Fixed CSVs no longer being sent by email.
• Fixed the alphabetical sorting of categories which did not take into account the categories created manually.



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