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BENQ Joybee GP2


Ο προβολέας LED GP2 της BenQ είναι μια συσκευή μεγέθους τσέπης. Θεωρείται αντικαταστάτης του GP1 με τηνδιαφορά όμως ότι πλέον όλοι οι κάτοχοι iphone θ α μπορουν να βλέπουν τις ταινίες τους ή τα videoclips πολύ εύκολα.

Η νέα… μελισούλα της BenQ θα λέγεται Joybee GP2 και είναι ο αντικαταστάτης του GP1. Ο προβολέας LED GP2 της BenQ είναι μια συσκευή μεγέθους τσέπης και πλέον όλοι οι κάτοχοι iPhone /  iPod θα μπορούν να βλέπουν τις ταινίες τους ή τα videoclips πολύ εύκολα, με το ενσωματωμένο docking station. Για κάθε ενδεχόμενο πάντως ο GP2 θα έχει HDMI, USB player, SD card reader και ενσωματωμένα ηχεία.
Το μόνο που έχετε να κάνετε είναι να συνδέσετε την προσωπική σας συσκευή πολυμέσων για να δείτε ταινίες, φωτογραφίες, ακόμα και μουσικά βίντεο…..



Detachable Battery for Total Portability When running at 100 ANSI lumen brightness on a fully charged battery, the GP2 can give you three hours of mobile cinema fun.
An Ultra Portable Entertainment Station
that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand Plug your Apple iPhone or iPod into the iPhone/iPod-compatible dock to share videos, photos and games with family and friends via a big screen up to 160” in size! Just make sure your iPhone or iPod application supports TV-Out. Plus, this multifunctional dock is uniquely designed to simultaneously charge up your Apple device, so you’ll never run out of fun.
Compact and Stylish Design Light and compact at a mere 565g (without battery), the sleek and stylish GP2 is perfect to carry around town – whether it’s for house parties, camping expeditions or for traveling abroad.
4W Integrated Audio Power Travel light and enjoy great sounds with the GP2! This mini projector is packed with two quality built-in 2W speakers, so you can leave your speakers at home.
Music Playback in Standby Mode The GP2 is also your personal speaker system. Simply have the device in the Standby mode to listen to your favorite tunes day in and day out!
Multimedia Connectivity that Supports Just About Anything The GP2 connects to your everyday home entertainment and personal media devices with a simple plug ‘n play!USB Display

With the GP2, you won’t need a D-sub cable! Connect it to your computer using a USB cable instead.

USB File Transfer

Plug ‘n transfer your multimedia files to the 2GB internal storage to travel light.

Picture Performances that Enlighten You Powered by BenQ’s 3LED projection technology, the GP2 utilizes RGB LEDs as the light source to bring you crisp, clear cinematic picture quality with optimized brightness, contrast ratio, native resolution and NTSC color gamut. Now, you can enjoy up to 160” of big-picture entertainment wherever you go!
HD-Ready with a 720p Resolution Enjoy your favorite movies, sports games and TV programs in high definition! The second-generation mini projector comes HD-ready to upgrade your viewing experience.
44” at a Short Distance The GP2 is not only highly mobile but also incredibly flexible with a 1.13 short-throw ratio. You simply don’t need that much room when all you need is one meter to project a big picture.
Delightful Colors and Contrast Boasting a high contrast ratio of 2400:1 and 200 ANSI lumen brightness, the GP2 gives you ultra-refined color definition with sharper text.
Brilliance that Lasts Through Time Thanks to the 3LED technology, this mini projector can project for 30,000 hours without decrease in brightness when in the Eco Mode. That’s more than ten years of big-screen entertainment – if you use it for eight hours a day! Together with its durable, filter-free DLP engine design, the GP2 is energy efficient and practically effortless to maintain!Design that Puts You First

Everything about the GP2 is to provide you with a friendly user experience like no other! Unlike traditional projectors, it is styled up with a user interface that brings together navigation elements from popular multimedia devices that you are already familiar with and thoughtful features to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Touch-Sensitive Control Panel Unlike traditional projectors, the GP2 allows you to bring up an intuitively designed user interface with a single touch!
Multimedia Support The GP2 supports a variety of multimedia formats ranging from videos, photos and music to MS office and PDF documents.Instant On/Off

Wait no more! The instant on/off feature helps turn the GP2 on and power it down in only a few seconds.

Stylized Ventilation

The ventilation is stylized with circles to create a lively and fun look, while keeping the GP2 nice and cool.

Auto keystone The automatic keystone adjustment helps turn misshaped images, graphics and charts into a perfect square.


Projector specifications
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Product name Mini Projector
Model name GP2
Resolution 1280 x 800 WXGA
Display system 1-CHIP DMD
Lens F/Number F = 1.928
f = 26.95 mm
Lamp LED
Throw Ratio 1.13 (44″ @ 1m)
Power supply AC100–240V, 3.20 A,
50-60 Hz (Automatic)
Power consumption 48 W (Max.); < 1 W (Standby)
Keystone Adjustment 1D, Vertical +/- 40 degrees
Dimensions 140.3 mm (W) x 52.5 mm (H) x 129.8 mm (D)
Weight 565g
Input terminal
Computer input D-Sub 15-pin (female) x 1
Component input Analog – D-Sub <-> Component RCA jack x 3 (through RGB
HDMI Digital Video x1 (mini type)
Video input RCA jack x 1
HDMI HDMI (v1.3) : x1 (mini type)
Audio input RCA jack x 2
3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1
USB-A type For USB flash drive. Supports videos/photos/music/
mini-B USB type Supports USB display and USB file transfer
SD card slot Supports videos/photos/music/documents
iPhone/iPod input with embedded iPhone/iPod dock
Internal memory 2GB (1.3 GB for user usage)
Output terminal
Audio output 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1


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